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The Norman Borlaug Story

A documentary film about Norman Borlaug, the Iowa farm boy who saved over a billion people from starvation.



Americans have little knowledge of one of their greatest sons. Why do schoolchildren in China, India, Mexico, and Pakistan know the name and work of Nobel Peace Prize winner Norman Borlaug while so few of his countrymen have never heard of him? How did a dirt-poor farm boy from rural Iowa grow up to save a billion people worldwide from starvation and malnutrition and become the father of the Green Revolution? What were the inherited traits and environmental factors that shaped his astonishing journey and led to successes that surprised even him? What can we learn from his life and views that might help the human race survive the next critical century?
This documentary film is a must-see for anyone interested in American history, world hunger, plant breeding, agriculture, and biotechnology. The centerpiece of this project is a TV-length documentary that is currently being aired on Iowa Public Television. A longer version is being distributed at this year's World Food Prize.
An educator curricula kit is in development and will include a DVD containing the full documentary along with a 19-minute program specifically developed to support classroom and Service-Learning initiatives. Service-Learning integrates students' academic learning with community needs. Carefully developed to align with curriculum requirements, this kit offers exercises that span science, social studies, genetics, human behavior and more. For more information and to order copies please visit the Hunger Fighters website using the link below. 





Mission Statement

The mission of Freedom From Famine: The Norman Borlaug Story is to educate viewers of all ages about the life, work, and views of Norman Borlaug, and inspire others to follow in his footsteps to help bring food security to the world.








Major funding provided by the:
Mathile Institute for the Advancement
of Human Nutrition


Documentary Produced by
Courter Films and Associates